Lease Relationships

Lease Relationships

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Conclusion of a lease agreement for a land plot for a new term

Consulting on the operation of buildings and structures, including infrastructure facilities

Optimization of lease payments

Advising on the issue of registration of rights to real estate objects with signs of unauthorized construction

Registration of rights to real estate objects, including construction in progress

Prevention of the occurrence of penalties in the ownership and management of real estate, audit of documents, preparation for inspections of state control authorities

Legal support in resolving disputes on lease issues

Legal support of the negotiation process with counterparties

Lease of sites in state or municipal ownership

Preparation of lease agreements and other lease documents

Analysis and minimization of possible risks in the management of real estate sites

Advising on the choice of asset ownership options, structuring and transition plan to the target option

Advising on ownership and management of real estate sites

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Land Law Firm provides comprehensive legal support in the implementation of construction projects, structuring transactions, in complex property disputes, large-scale due diligence and other issues in the field of land, real estate and construction.