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Optimization of payments when changing the type of land plot permitted use

Preparation and submission of comments to interim reporting documents in order to reduce the final cadastral value of commercial real estate

Section of a land plot as a way to optimize rent and tax payments

Comprehensive support of the procedure for reducing rental rates for the use of non-residential premises

Maintenance of the procedure for correcting errors made by a state budgetary institution in determining the cadastral value

Comprehensive support of the procedure for reducing the cadastral value of commercial real estate: in court and out of court

Division of the building into premises (with their different functionality) in order to reduce the tax base

Comprehensive legal support for the procedure for changing the type of permitted use in order to optimize payments: assessing the current type of permitted use, choosing the optimal type of permitted use, taking into account the input parameters, developing a legal scheme for optimization (section, changing the profile, including types of activities that provide for benefits), implementation of the developed mechanism, etc.

Challenging the legality of the inclusion of a real estate site in the Resolution of the Moscow Government No. 700-PP in the administrative (in cases provided for by law) and judicial procedure

Obtaining tax incentives in the administrative procedure: comprehensive support, including conducting verification activities, challenging the results of the survey, representing interests in tax authorities

Advising on lease payments for commercial real estate

Consulting on taxation of commercial real estate sites

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Land Law Firm provides comprehensive legal support in the implementation of construction projects, structuring transactions, in complex property disputes, large-scale due diligence and other issues in the field of land, real estate and construction.